What is Jio MPoS & How does It Work for Merchant?

Mukesh Ambani is making new plans to expand the number of digitized Reliance retail stores to five million by 2025. The plan mainly is to install Jio MPoS(mobile point sale) devices all around the Kirana stores with a down payment of Rs 3000. After the payment is done, the device can be used to provide products to the neighbouring suppliers and also enable customers to use the high-speed 4G service on hand and order supplies over the air.

This MPoS device also does not demand any Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) and offers a loyalty program on hand. But what exactly is this MPoS technology? Let’s have a brief look at that below.

Jio Mpos

What is Jio MPoS & How Does it Work?

As the name suggests, mobile point of sale is a wireless device that functions like a cash register or an e-POS terminal. The MPoS can be a smartphone or tablet too. All that the business needs for MPoS are a data connection, credit, debit card reader and an additional MPoS app specifically downloaded onto the device to be used as an MPoS. A number of possibilities are associated with the MPoS as a barcode scanner, and similar other hardware can also be paired with MPoS. This device also helps in future business expenses as one can conducts transactions without really using or installing an electronic register.

This device also provides a platform for flexibility in accepting payments from various sources. The device becomes real handy as even if, during the peak hours, a minimum billing queue is maintained. This is due to the higher transaction speed of the device. This new device will allow the agents to bill the product anywhere, anytime, even right after a customer selects a product on the screen. There is no need to head over to the cashier anymore as the buyer can directly make payments on the Jio MPoS device.

How a Merchant can Avail MPoS?

You need to become a Prime Partner to get the MPoS device. Fill up the form online by providing your name, phone number, full address and finally submit. Now you need to visit nearest Jio Center to complete the Prime Partner Registration.

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